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Candidate relationship management

Candidate Relationship Management Guide

Candidate Relationship Management, or CRM, is one of the keys to successful modern recruitment, and it can also be greatly enabled with modern candidate relationship management systems that heavily automate your optimised hiring process. Candidate Relationship Management is a relatively new approach for HR professionals, but it's already being used heavily to achieve powerful results.
High volume hiring

High Volume Hiring Complete Guide and Tools

Otherwise known as mass recruitment, high volume hiring can prove a minefield for smaller companies unprepared for the task at hand. When hiring at scale, the usual recruitment techniques can’t always be depended on. Fail to adapt your hiring processes and you’ll struggle to fill vacancies on time, if at all.
Recruitment bottlenecks

The Most Common Recruitment Bottlenecks and How To Solve Them

Are you hitting a brick wall with your recruitment efforts? Struggling to land quality candidates to fill urgent vacancies? Chances are, you’re dealing with recruitment bottlenecks. A bugbear for many businesses, bottlenecks can quickly take their toll on talent acquisition efforts and considerably slow down the hiring process. However, once you’ve identified your pain points, ...
Collaborative hiring

Collaborative Hiring: The Complete Guide

In an oversaturated employment market, businesses are starting to realise that traditional recruitment models are unfit for purpose. As well as being expensive, recruitment agencies rarely deliver the best fit for an advertised position. Even if you’re handling recruitment in-house, it’s not always easy for an overwhelmed hiring manager to identify the best fit from ...
Agency vs in-House recruitment

Agency recruitment vs in-house recruitment

The recruitment process is far from simple. From creating job descriptions and sourcing candidates to pre-screening applicants and arranging interviews, there’s a real science involved in honing in on the ideal hire. For companies that regularly need to fill vacant roles, agency vs in-house recruitment is a common quandary. Both hiring models have their benefits. ...

How To Reduce Costs of the Recruitment Process

Wondering how to reduce the cost of the recruitment process? You’re not alone. In the UK, it costs around £3,000 to hire someone on an average salary when using a recruiter. Opt for an agency to handle things, and you can expect to pay even more. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. ...
Candidate screening

Candidate Screening: What is it and How to Do It Right

So you’ve advertised your job role successfully, received an influx of applications, and are ready to move to the next stage. What do you do now? Screen those candidates to see who you want to progress to the next stage! Candidate screening is a vital part of the hiring process, used to evaluate job applications ...
Diversity in retail

Diversity in retail

Diversity in retail: Why and how to get a more diverse team Retail is an important part of many industries. From fashion to beauty, skincare, food & drink, electronics, footwear, homewares, and beyond, retail is big business. Having a diverse team is hugely beneficial for any organisation, and retail is no different. Building a staff ...
Difference between 360 and 180 recruitment

Difference Between 180 and 360 Recruitment

If you regularly turn to external recruitment agencies to help you with your hiring needs, you’ve probably encountered the concept of 180 and 360 recruitment before. Unless you’ve worked with a 360 180 recruitment company before, these terms can be confusing. While both models ultimately deliver the same results and can be utilised for in-house ...