Interview scheduling software - Fewer emails and more candididates.

Easily schedule and manage candidate interviews with an interview scheduler. Forget the back-and-forth and free up time while keeping candidates engaged.
Interview scheduler

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How an interview scheduler speeds up the hiring process.

Time management made easy with calendar integrations.

Give candidates a positive interview experience before it starts with advanced interview scheduling tools for Microsoft Outlook.

  • See the real-time availability of hiring managers and send out available time slots to make finding the right team easy for everyone.
  • Minimise the back-and-forth emails and find the right time in seconds.
  • Send automatic reminders to candidates about their scheduled interviews to make sure they don’t miss them.
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Asynchronous video interviews when the time just isn’t there.

Scheduling is not always in your control. Candidate and hiring team schedules are often packed, but there’s a solution.

  • Customise interview questions and create standardised templates to speed up the process.
  • Candidates can easily use Teamdash to record and submit answers on their own terms.
  • Set deadlines to ensure the hiring process keeps moving.
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Focus on making interviews spectacular with software that helps you make them happen.

Keep candidates engaged long before and after the interview. Teamdash's recruitment platform supports you in every stage of the hiring process from attracting talent to maintaining a growing talent pool.

Time to hire

Keep an eye on your average time to hire the right candidate for benchmarking and boosting efficiency.

Easy scheduling

Connect to Microsoft Teams and Zoom to save time on scheduling and inviting candidates to interviews.

Automated messaging

Feeling stretched thin? Automate emails and SMS notifications to easily keep all your candidates engaged.

Compare sources

Whether it's social media recruiting or job boards, see exactly which channels bring in the best talent.

Measure cNPS

Easily request feedback from candidates from Teamdash and watch your cNPS improve in real time.

Save time

With less back and forth and manual emailing, you'll have more time to focus on what matters.

Make interviewing and hiring a breeze.

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Unbelievably easy to use.

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How the right recruitment software makes anything possible.