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DEI metrics in DPD Estonia

Diversity recruiting – examples from DPD Estonia

Even though DEI has been something that HR and companies have considered in their practices for decades, it is now one of the focal points of strategy. Companies are investing in diversity because of its multiple benefits to workplace culture, employer brand, business results, and the bottom line. Annika Oruaas, the HR and Sustainability Manager of DPD Estonia, joined us as an expert speaker to delve deeper into it and exemplify how diversity focus can help companies' cultures and business results thrive.
What is 360 recruitment

What is 360 Recruitment?

Often referred to as life cycle recruitment, this model involves a more involved approach to talent acquisition. The 360 recruitment process begins the moment the need for a new opportunity arises, continuing well into the onboarding stage.
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Even though there isn't a cookie-cutter approach, there are still guidelines to follow when conducting the best job interviews for you and the candidates. It's really about asking the right questions in the right way and at the right time.