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Benefits that set us apart

Guided implementation and support
  • Teamdash customers are guided through implementation with onboarding calls and mapping of your specific needs.
  • Full assistance with your account configuration and data migration.
  • Workflow and data coaching.
  • Fast and friendly customer support.
Fully customisable to your work flows
  • Teamdash is the most customisable recruitment software on the market.
  • Automations and stage actions help you improve your time to hire on your own terms.
  • Adapts to your recruitment stages and processes.
  • Feel in control and get the best results with every recruitment project.
Build compliant, trustworthy and inclusive processes
  • Teamdash helps you recruit a wide range of candidates from different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.
  • Improve collaboration and reduce bias in hiring with scorecards.
  • Candidate profile summaries without identifying factors allow you to evaluate candidates fairly.
  • Encourage data-driven hiring decisions
Designed by recruiters for recruiters
  • Teamdash’s software has been developed by a team who has actual experience in talent acquisition and management.
  • This gives us a solid understanding of the features that matter the most and will define the overall user experience.
  • Teamdash was born from the need to find an affordable customisable solution for our needs. As we couldn’t find it, we built it.
  • With Teamdash you’ll always have tools to source candidates, create exceptional candidate experiences and fill positions fast.

Moving recruitment beyond the ordinary.

Designing careers is exciting. Inspiring. Recruiters deserve software that's just as extraordinary as they are. Teamdash was built by recruiters who know exactly what recruiters need to build careers that dreams are made of.
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Make magic, not repetitive tasks.

Recruiters are made for greater things. Teamdash automates the admin so you can do what software can't.

Stand out in all the right places.

Be bold, distinctive, and where you need to be. Create and promote memorable ads and campaigns in one place.

Exceed your own expectations.

In today's digital world, recruiters need to be a jack of all trades. Teamdash helps you master them all with ease.

Keep everyone on the same page.

Take control of the recruitment process with software that keeps everyone up to speed with real-time data.

The Aha! moment that brought Teamdash to life.

After over a decade in the recruitment industry, Teamdash founders saw the need for a change. Whether in-house or at agencies, recruiters always face the same obstacles — not enough time, too many tools to master, and the constant struggle to find enough of the right candidates.

Instead of adding the human touch to the hiring experience, they spend most of their precious time sending emails, struggling with ad platforms and CRMs, looping in hiring managers and clients, and ultimately relying on help from other teams to succeed. But recruiters need independence to truly shine. And with that vision, Teamdash was born.

Building a reputation as a recruiter is not just a nice touch — it’s a necessity. Competition for talent is, if anything, fiercer than ever. And keeping up with technology is a full-time job in itself. Teamdash was made to be more than easy to use — it’s where your recruitment process lives and the necessary admin runs itself. Like magic.

Our mission is to empower recruiters with the tools they need to be independent, successful, and happy. Whether it’s brand building tools or performance stats, any recruiter using Teamdash has the confidence and competence to become the recruiter they always wanted to be.

Teams hired with Teamdash

Meet our founders.

Paavo Heil
Co-founder & CEO
A recruiter and agency CEO for over 15 years, Paavo lives and breathes to make recruitment impactful from a human and business perspective. Visit Paavo's Linkedin
Marie Evart
Co-founder & Community Manager
Driven to bridge the gap between marketing and human resources, Marie has an extensive background as a hands-on recruiter and agency CEO. Visit Marie's Linkedin
Karl-Sander Erss
Co-founder & CTO
Karl is our tech guy, driven to build a lovable product. He brings years of experience in research and development projects in software and beyond. Visit Karl's Linkedin

What we believe in. Our mojo.

Recruiters should be able to find the right talent and build their brand with tools they can master.
Hiring experiences should be fulfilling and chaos-free for recruiters, candidates, and hiring managers.
All recruiters should have the insights to improve performance, bring joy to hiring, and maximise potential.