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How to use an applicant tracking system

How To Select and Use an Applicant Tracking System

Is your current hiring process too complex? Finding it hard to single out suitable candidates? An applicant tracking system (ATS) can transform talent acquisition and make life much easier for hiring teams. With an ATS, you unleash the power of automation, streamlining just about every point in the recruitment pipeline. Not sure how to use applicant tracking system software? Want to learn what benefits an ATS can bring to your organisation? We’ve got you covered.
How to attract retail talent

How to Attract Retail Talent: Best Strategies

Ah, the eternal quest for attracting retail talent. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but the needle occasionally moves and the haystack is on fire. Fun, right? In the world of retail, having a team that’s just as sharp as the creases on a well-pressed suit is crucial. So, let’s dive ...
Retail Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process in Retail Industry

Finding the right talent for retail roles is rarely simple. All manner of factors make retail recruitment a headache for hiring teams. With so many retailers out there, securing candidates for entry-level positions can prove almost impossible at short notice. Competitive rates of pay can help, but you’ll probably need to rethink your retail recruitment strategy to give your business an edge over the competition.
High employee turnover rate

High employee turnover rate: everything you need to know

Employee turnover rate is a useful success metric for any organisation. By calculating turnover rate, companies can quickly determine how well they are retaining their talent in a given time period. A high employee turnover rate is generally considered a cause for concern. Poor compensation, overworked employees, and bad management are just a few of the things that can contribute towards a rising turnover rate.
Employee turnover formula and calculation

How To Calculate Employee Turnover

Once you’ve mastered employee turnover calculation, you’ll be able to use your findings to improve employee engagement, increase retention rates, and stamp out unnecessary expenditures. Not sure where to get started with calculating employee turnover? Read on for everything you need to know.
What is employee turnover rate

What is Employee Turnover and Why is It So Important?

What is employee turnover and what does it actually mean for an organisation? Turnover has always been a point of concern for companies, but it’s become even more contentious recently. While resignations and redundancies have driven turnover rates for years, the remote work revolution and talent shortages have sent rates soaring.
Candidate relationship management

Candidate Relationship Management Guide

Candidate Relationship Management, or CRM, is one of the keys to successful modern recruitment, and it can also be greatly enabled with modern candidate relationship management systems that heavily automate your optimised hiring process. Candidate Relationship Management is a relatively new approach for HR professionals, but it's already being used heavily to achieve powerful results.
High volume hiring

High Volume Hiring Complete Guide and Tools

Otherwise known as mass recruitment, high volume hiring can prove a minefield for smaller companies unprepared for the task at hand. When hiring at scale, the usual recruitment techniques can’t always be depended on. Fail to adapt your hiring processes and you’ll struggle to fill vacancies on time, if at all.
Recruitment bottlenecks

The Most Common Recruitment Bottlenecks and How To Solve Them

Are you hitting a brick wall with your recruitment efforts? Struggling to land quality candidates to fill urgent vacancies? Chances are, you’re dealing with recruitment bottlenecks. A bugbear for many businesses, bottlenecks can quickly take their toll on talent acquisition efforts and considerably slow down the hiring process. However, once you’ve identified your pain points, ...