Join the rewards program and become a virtual shareholder of Teamdash!

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Win big with Teamdash

Your benefits:

Participate in our financial success

  • When Teamdash wins, you win.
  • Virtual shares replicate real ownership in our company, allowing virtual shareholders to participate in the company’s financial success.
  • All rewards earned by you will be converted into virtual shares you own in the company.
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Company sale payment

  • You will receive a payment when shareholders sell the company.
  • Regular updates on our business and achievements.
  • All information needed to follow along with the growth of the company.
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Exchange virtual shares into real money at any time

  • You will have an opportunity to exchange your virtual shares into real money.
  • The value of your shares increase along with our growth in revenue.
  • The more rewards you earn, the bigger your share in the company will be.
Report your activities

Ways to earn

You'll earn virtual shares by taking actions that help create new business for Teamdash. This can be referring companies that you think could actually benefit from using Teamdash or taking any action to promote Teamdash (social sharing, writing reviews) to giving useful product feedback.
Share on Social Media (1 virtual share)
We offer multiple ways to earn virtual shares by talking about Teamdash on social media. Talk about your experience with Teamdash on Linkedin, recommend us under someone's post discussing recruitment or ATS's or share our blog content and promote our upcoming webinars.

Fill out the "Report rewards" form below to let us know of the action you've taken and we'll be in touch. You'll earn 1 virtual share per a relevant post.
Write a review (3 virtual shares)
Are you a user of Teamdash? Our existing clients can earn virtual shares by writing us an honest review on Capterra, G2, or any other software comparison site.

Fill out the "Report rewards" form below to let us know of the action you've taken and we'll be in touch. You'll earn 3 virtual shares per a single review. Review us on multiple platforms and earn 3 shares per each review. If possible, include links to your reviews.
Refer a new client (10-50 virtual shares)
Refer Teamdash to a fellow recruiter, talent acquisition manager or HR decision maker - if you get us a demo with a company that could benefit from Teamdash, we will reward you generously. We typically work with companies with 100+ employees so keep that in mind when making the referral.

Fill out the "Refer an organisation" form below to let us know of the action you've taken and we'll be in touch. You'll earn per a relevant referral that results in a demo booking. If the referred contact books a demo with us and qualifies as a good candidate for using Teamdash, you'll earn 10 virtual shares. If the referred contact becomes a client of Teamdash, we'll award you with 50 additional virtual shares.
Give us product feedback (1 virtual share)
We highly value your feedback and are excited to continue developing the software in collaboration with our community. Submit new feature requests, bugs (we have a zero tolerance policy on bugs so they will be fixed immediately), or any UI improvements you'd like to see.

Fill out the "Report rewards" form below to give feedback on the product and we'll be in touch. In case the feedback or requested feature is relevant and currently non-existent, you'll earn 1 virtual share as a thank you to contributing to the development of the product.
How to start earning

Here's how to start earning:

  • 1
    Look at the available options to earn virtual shares.
  • 2
    Take any action that you want and/or qualify for.
  • 3
    Tell us about the action you've completed by filling out one of the forms below.
  • 4
    If the action is completed successfully, we'll send you access to your virtual shares.

Refer an organisation

Fill out this form to refer us an organisation that could benefit from using Teamdash. The organisation should have 100+ employees. Both public sector and private sector companies qualify. Make sure to include the contact persons details (work email, phone, job title etc).

Refer an organisation

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Report rewards claim:

Fill out this form to let us know of any type of action you've taken that has helped to promote Teamdash. Submit all social sharing, reviews or product feedback in the form below.

Report reward earnings

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How does the Teamdash Rewards program work?

Our rewards program is designed to recognise and reward our customers, fans and partners who align with our mission and actively contribute to help Teamdash grow. We have reserved 1% of our company share capital as virtual shares for our community of Teamdash users, fans and partners. As part of this community you can earn virtual shares in Teamdash by giving us referrals, participating in polls and social media discussions. There are many different ways to earn virtual shares in Teamdash.

What is a virtual share?

When you contribute to our growth, you earn virtual shares. Whether it’s through referrals, sharing social posts, or providing valuable product feedback, you’ll be rewarded. Once we reach our predetermined milestones, virtual shareholders receive payouts. As we expand, so do your virtual shares. Let’s grow together! In addition – earned shares can be sold back to the company at any for an immediate cash-out.

How can I start?

On the page you’ll see multiple ways to ear virtual shares. By sharing our content, referring new business or participating at our event, you’ll be able to earn virtual shares. Once the task is done or you want to refer us an organisation who could benefit from Teamdash’s solutions, fill out one of the forms below. Upon a successful reward-eligible action, we’ll send you access to your virtual shares to the email you’ve submitted.

The innovative reward program is born in cooperation with All ways to earn shares are visible on under your profile and your virtual shares are deposited into your KOOS account. On, users can track their virtual shares count in real-time.

Where are these shares stored?

It’s simple. Once we’ve confirmed a successful action and rewarded you with virtual shares, you can login to with your details. For security purposes, the platform will send you a code, and once you confirm it, you’ll be able to log into your account where your virtual shares are stored. Enter your data under your newly created profile and accept the terms of the virtual shares.


Are there any financial obligations or risks associated with participation?


No, collecting virtual shares incurs no financial obligations or risks.