Recruitment dashboards - Measure success and track insights.

Track all your metrics in one easily accessible place. Teamdash's recruitment dashboard helps you track the data you need to create the best possible hiring experience.
Recruitment dashboard

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Recruitment dashboards that drive performance.

Set up your recruitment dashboard and hiring process for success.

Recruiter dashboards keep track of all your projects to give you a comprehensive set of high-level recruitment metrics.

  • Monitor the average number of projects and candidates across all projects or by team member.
  • Measure efficiency and quality with cNPS and request feedback from candidates from Teamdash.
  • Set up your own custom metrics and create customisable filters to easily access insights.
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Recruit Dashboard

Engage hiring managers and clients while keeping talent data secure.

Easily involve key stakeholders by giving them the visibility they need to stay in the loop. Whether it’s for all projects or one.

  • Manage access to recruiter dashboards on a need-to-know basis for better cooperation and privacy when needed.
  • Align hiring managers and clients with the candidate data they need to see.
  • Integrate with Microsoft Teams or Zoom to send invitations for interviews that work with everyone’s schedule.
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Dashboard for Recruitment

Track candidate conversion rates and sources in your recruiter dashboard.

What are your candidate sources? When do they drop out and why? Pinpoint and fix areas of improvement with Teamdash.

  • Monitor candidate sources to see which channels are most effective, and which ones need your attention.
  • Track and compare candidate conversion rates at different stages of the hiring process.
  • Assess candidates based on aggregated scores assigned by each stakeholder with candidate scorecards. And keep a record of it for future reference.
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Recruitment Dashboard KPIs

Hire better with recruitment dashboards that nudge you in the right direction.

Recruitment dashboards go beyond easy access to important data. They also make collaborating and managing heaps of candidates feel remarkably easy.

Build hiring pipelines

Set up your dashboards in whatever way works for you — or a particular hiring project. Not all roles are made equal.

Automate actions

Feeling stretched thin? Automate emails and SMS notifications to easily keep all your candidates engaged.

Candidate conversion

Track and compare candidate conversion rates at different stages of the hiring funnel.

Track key metrics

Your recruiter dashboard tracks with important recruitment insights that help you measure and improve performance.

Measure cNPS

Easily request feedback from candidates from Teamdash and watch your cNPS improve in real time.

Custom metrics

Set up your own metrics and create customisable filters for easy access to the data you need.

Never drop the ball with recruitment dashboards.

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