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All the features you need to design incredible hiring experiences that wow candidates, boost reputation, and remind you why you became a recruiter.
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Be unforgettable for all the right reasons.

Automate emails and messages and keep your candidates in the loop while you spend your time doing what software can't.
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Interview anywhere.

Live video interviews give you and candidates more flexibility and make scheduling a piece of cake.

Interview anytime.

When the candidates flood in, and they will, asynchronous video interviews keep your projects moving.

Never miss a touchpoint.

People remember being forgotten. Automate messages and texts that keep everyone in the loop.

Do what you do best.

With scheduling, emailing, and messaging made easier, you have the space to focus on making hiring magical.

Automate with a human touch.

Do live or asynchronous video interviews.

Hire no matter where the talent is. Video interviewing helps you reduce time to hire without losing the personal touch.

  • Effortlessly schedule and conduct live video interviews from Teamdash. Say goodbye to juggling multiple applications.
  • Send interview questions to select candidates and review their video answers for maximum flexibility.
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Send personalised video messages

You are the first face candidates see when starting their next career journey. And you can be in many places at once.

  • Create tailored video messages for candidates at any stage of the hiring process.
  • Looking to speed up the process? Record and send messages to multiple candidates at any recruitment stage.
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Automate actions at every hiring stage.

Don’t let a single candidate fall through the cracks. Nothing boosts reputation like a quick and carefully crafted response.

  • Give every single candidate the attention they need by automating messages from rejection emails to test tasks.
  • Integrate with Microsoft Teams or Zoom to send invitations that work with everyone’s schedule.
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Build your library of messaging templates.

Create a library of templates that keep candidates in the loop. Spend less time manually sending updates and more on hiring.

  • Send SMS notifications at different recruitment stages.
  • Automate rejection, interview scheduling, and more emails based on candidate progress. You can also embed videos!
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Use AI tools to speed up hiring

AI writing assistant can generate content for you, eliminating writer’s block and saving valuable time.

  • AI and automation features streamline the candidate management process.
  • Whether you’re crafting landing pages, sending personalized messages to candidates, or preparing detailed project descriptions, these assistants provide a seamless content creation experience.
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