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Meaningful data that nudges you in the right direction. Assess your team's performance, monitor projects, manage data, and track the numbers you need to excel.
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Shine a light on your performance.

Recruitment insights, dashboards, and talent data management made easy. And it's all customisable.
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Dash through targets.

Track project statistics, measure recruiter efficiency, cNPS, time to hire, and more in one place.

Optimise your team.

Whether you're a team of one or running a department, get a live look at how your hiring process is performing.

Build custom dashboards.

Teamdash works around your hiring process. Create tailored dashboards and manage access when sharing.

Centralise talent data.

Build and maintain your talent pool with features that simplify GDPR compliance and keep your data safe.

Track performance and more.

See the recruitment stats that matter.

Teamdash keeps track of all your projects to give you a comprehensive set of recruitment and candidate metrics.

  • Get a high-level overview by checking the average of number projects and candidates across all projects.
  • Measure efficiency and quality with cNPS and easily request feedback from candidates.
  • Set up your own metrics and create customisable filters.
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Set user roles and granular access rights.

Hiring data is often sensitive. Make sure the right people see what they need to see with user access set by roles and projects.

  • Set project-specific roles for maximum security.
  • Give users admin rights to change all settings or invite regular users with viewing rights only.
  • Create confidential projects for internal or external hires where privacy is paramount.
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Manage your talent pool and stay compliant.

Keep your talent pool database up to date, GDPR-compliant, and full of the information you need to find the right talent.

  • Create custom filters to simplify browsing your talent pool.
  • See all historical activity and communication with detailed candidate profiles.
  • Automatically anonymise talent pool data that passes the consent period to ensure total regulatory compliance.
  • Teamdash can automatically request consent renewal and supports bulk emailing to simplify compliance.
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See candidate conversion rates and sources.

Take your candidate insights to the next level with scorecards and conversion rates at every stage of the hiring funnel.

  • Monitor candidate sources to see which channels are most effective.
  • Track conversion rates between the stages in the project view ​and how long the candidates stay in each stage.
  • Optimise your hiring process with the data you need to spot bottlenecks.
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Evaluate candidates with scorecards.

Create a customisable scorecard for each hiring project for a record of feedback and evaluation metrics for each candidate.

  • Assign and create a customisable scorecard for each hiring project.
  • Assess candidates based on aggregated scores assigned by each stakeholder to ensure fair evaluation and feedback.
  • Candidates appreciate feedback and transparency, whether or not they make it to the next stage of the hiring process.
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