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You can't take the outreach out of sourcing, but you can create ads and campaigns that do a lot of the work for you — without mastering a dozen platforms.
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Campaigns and adverts that sparkle.

Break through the noise with captivating job adverts that reach the right talent with the right message.
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Wow your candidates.

And you can do it without a dev or design team. Teamdash's page builder makes it easy to create job ads and career pages.

Spread the word.

Manage and create landing pages and campaigns with social media and job board integrations.

Save time not quality.

Yes, it's possible. Create custom templates for landing pages and job adverts that always look good.

You can do it all.

Independently manage the entire recruitment process, from marketing to building an employer branding hub.

Discover the right talent.

Manage and promote your employer brand.

Centralise your job adverts in one place and promote them on your social media and job boards directly from Teamdash.

  • Manage advertising budgets for your social media campaigns.
  • Integrate with social media channels and job boards to easily import and share your job adverts with the world.
  • Build and host your own dedicated careers page on a Teamdash subdomain or your own website.
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Design job adverts that inspire.

Create templates with the right branding that are memorable, attractive, and easy to create and repurpose.

  • Use Teamdash’s page builder to create charming landing pages and job ads without a designer or developer.
  • Customise fonts, colours, text, photos, layouts, and more.
  • Build your template library! You shouldn’t need to start with every new advert from scratch.
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Find top talent Teamdash
Set up custom application forms.

Forms make screening simple and give you more control over the screening process — while making candidates happy.

  • All job adverts are mobile-friendly and responsive.
  • Create application forms to get exactly the right info you need to screen and improve candidate experience.
  • Embed application forms on job adverts, landing pages, job board listings, and your company’s website.
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Visualise workflows with custom dashboards.

Keep track of applicants and manage project access for ultimate collaboration with hiring managers and clients.

  • Build your hiring pipeline according to your process for hiring the best person for the job.
  • Manage access to dashboards on a need-to-know basis for better cooperation and privacy when needed.
  • Set up workflow automations that send custom messages to candidates and stakeholders at different stages.
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Find top talent Teamdash

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