Diversity recruitment software - Be an advocate for inclusivity.

Diversity means many things. Teamdash helps you recruit a wide range of candidates from different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.
Diversity recruiting software

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Make finding diverse candidates part of your hiring process.

Diversify and expand your talent sourcing channels.

Take the first step towards building a more diverse and equitable workforce with talent sourcing features.

  • Post job adverts on multiple job boards and social media platforms to reach a wider pool of diverse and qualified candidates.
  • Create job postings and tailor your hiring campaigns to welcome and invite underrepresented groups.
  • Create a custom landing pages with all the information you need to appeal to the right candidates and build strong company cultures.
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Track candidate progress and hiring activities in real time.

To build a diverse and inclusive workforce, you need to have a streamlined hiring process that is easy to manage.

  • Monitor your recruiting process and keep track of candidate statuses, communication history, and schedule interviews all in one place.
  • Teamdash’s interview scheduler integrates with Microsoft Teams and Zoom to help you find the right time for everyone involved in the hiring process.
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Improve collaboration and reduce bias in hiring with scorecards.

Easily set up a structured hiring process that minimises unconscious bias with candidate scorecards.

  • Assign and create a customisable candidate scorecard for every hiring project.
  • Assess candidates based on aggregated scores assigned by each stakeholder to ensure fair evaluation.
  • Use the results to provide tailored feedback. Candidates appreciate feedback and transparency, whether or not they make it to the next stage of the hiring process.
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Diversity equity and inclusion starts with a streamlined recruitment process.

Teamdash's diversity recruitment software comes with a range of recruitment marketing, hiring, and applicant tracking features help you find qualified candidates and build diverse company cultures.

Time to hire

Keep an eye on your average time to hire the right candidate for benchmarking and boosting efficiency.

Compare sources

Whether it's social media recruiting or job boards, see exactly which channels bring in the best talent.

Custom forms

Cream custom application forms that you can embed anywhere on the web, including your careers site.

Measure cNPS

Easily request feedback from candidates from Teamdash and watch your cNPS improve in real time.

Talent pool

Keep your growing talent pool database up to date, accessible, and GDPR-compliant with Teamdash.

Interview scheduler

Give candidates a positive interview experience before it even starts with advanced interview scheduling tools.

Hire qualified candidates. Faster.

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