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Flexible working in ‘inflexible’ industries
Riin Soostar
Senior Human Resources Business Partner @ Circle K
Helena Viiroja
Chief Human Resources Officer @ Tele2 Eesti
In this 60-minute webinar, we'll discuss the different forms and levels of flexible working. What are your options for attracting talent regardless of the industry you operate in?
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Carina Mättikas shares her expertise about creating attractive job ads and landing pages at a Teamdash webinar
Creating job ads and landing pages that actually convert: a webinar recap
Marie Evart
Co-founder and Community Manager
Carina Kärt Mättikas
Employer & Personal Branding Consultant
Learn about the best practices and tips for creating landing pages and job ads in just 30 minutes! Employer Branding Consultant, Carina Kärt Mättikas shares her expertise so you can level up your talent attraction game.
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How to create attractive job ads, master social recruitment, and get more suitable candidates?
Carina Kärt Mättikas
Employer Brand Manager @ Testlio
Marie Evart
Community Manager & Co-founder @ Teamdash
Practical tips from recruitment marketing experts Carina Kärt Mättikas Employer Brand Manager @ Testlio Carina has helped hundreds of employers to develop their unique employer brand and recruitment arguments. She has worked with companies like ABB, Orkla, CMA CGM. Since 2021, she has been working as the Employer Brand Manager at Testlio, one of the ...
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