Flexible working in ‘inflexible’ industries


“Flexibility” and “work-life balance” are sought-after keywords when looking for a new job. Startups and tech companies seem to have the upper hand in offering flexible work conditions. Other industries often need to comply with tighter regulations due to the nature of the work.

What if you work in a traditionally rigid industry that is overlooked as an employer because of the stereotype of inflexibility attached to it?

In this 60-minute webinar, we’ll discuss the different forms and levels of flexible working. What are your options for attracting talent?

This practical webinar will help you understand the benefits of flexible working and different forms of flexibility. Our guests will bring examples of how ‘inflexible’ companies have managed to break the stereotype.

Join us as we explore ways companies from any industry can offer flexible working.

Riin Soostar

Senior Human Resources Business Partner at Circle K

Riin joined Circle K 20 years ago. She started as a customer representative and worked as a service station manager for 8 years. For the past 6 years, she’s been working in the HR department, 2 years as a recruiter and 4 years as an HR Business Partner.

Riin will share how Circle K offers flexibility in accordance with regulations and how they attract talent with their flexible work culture.

Helena Viiroja

Chief Human Resources Officer at Tele2 Eesti

Helena has been with Tele2 for over 4 years. She started off as a Customer Service Guru before moving on to HR. She has been in various HR and Customer Service roles for more than a decade.

As a Chief HR Officer at Tele2, Helena builds the best employee experience and culture where people feel cared for and want to Rebel with a Cause (their employer brand motto) to offer the best customer experience possible.

Helena will not only give examples of unlimited PTO at Tele2, but also dive into the organisational culture and its role in enhancing flexibility. She will share tips and tricks on being flexible even when you seem tied to strict boundaries and regulations.

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