How to get more candidates to apply to your job posting

How to attract more candidates

In today’s competitive job market, attracting the right candidates is more challenging than ever. It’s not just about filling a vacancy; it’s about finding the perfect fit for your team, someone who aligns with your company’s values and contributes to its vision. But the question remains: How can you increase the number of quality applicants and ensure your job postings stand out in a crowded field? This comprehensive guide delves into the strategies and insights you need to transform your recruitment process, ensuring you attract not just more candidates, but the right candidates.

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Why aren’t you getting enough good applicants?

Revitalising Your Job Ads: More Than a List of Demands

The role of a job ad is crucial in attracting the right candidates. Often, job ads are bogged down with lengthy lists of requirements and mundane descriptions of roles. However, a compelling job ad should serve as an inviting glimpse into your company culture and the potential for growth and challenge within the role. Clarity, excitement, and authenticity are key. Drop the corporate jargon and craft a narrative that speaks to the aspirations and motivations of your ideal candidates (read more about how to write a job description).

Amplifying Your Employer Brand: Beyond the Corporate Facade

Your employer brand plays a pivotal role in attracting quality candidates. In a competitive job market, a strong employer brand can be the difference between a candidate choosing your company or your competitor. It’s essential to authentically represent your company culture, values, and the tangible experiences of working within your team. This can be effectively communicated through active engagement on social media platforms, a vibrant and honest portrayal on your company website, and through the voices of your current employees. Authenticity here is crucial; avoid relying on generic or staged imagery which can detract from the genuine experience of being part of your team.

Maximising Visibility on Job Boards: Stand Out, Don’t Blend In

While having your openings listed on job boards is essential, it’s not enough to simply be present. To attract top talent, your job postings need to be strategically optimized to gain visibility. This involves understanding the algorithms of job boards and optimising your job listings with relevant keywords and compelling content to ensure they appear prominently. Think of it as a form of digital marketing; your job ad should capture attention amidst a sea of listings and encourage potential candidates to take action.

How to Increase the Number of Job Applicants

Proactive Recruitment: Beyond ‘Post and Pray’

Relying solely on traditional job postings and waiting for applicants can be a passive and often ineffective method. In contrast, a proactive approach involves a strategic blend of recruitment marketing and networking. Recruitment marketing is about promoting your company and its culture as much as the job itself. It’s a chance to tell your story, showcase your values, and articulate what makes your company an exceptional place to work.

In addition to marketing, networking plays a crucial role. Leveraging professional networks, attending industry events, and even participating in online forums can increase your visibility and introduce you to potential candidates who might not be actively job hunting but are open to the right opportunity.

Moreover, consider exploring less traditional talent pools. For example, career returners, individuals looking for a career change, or even international talent can bring a wealth of experience and diversity to your team. This approach requires a shift in perspective – from waiting for candidates to come to you, to actively seeking out talent wherever it may be.

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Employee Referral Programs: Leveraging Insider Knowledge

Employee referral programs can transform your recruitment strategy, turning your existing workforce into a powerful recruiting asset. Employees have an in-depth understanding of your company culture and can identify potential candidates who would thrive in such an environment.

To maximise the effectiveness of such programs, it’s important to incentivize and simplify the referral process. This could involve rewards, recognition, or even just making it easy for employees to refer someone through an internal system or platform.

However, it’s not just about the incentives. Educate your employees on what makes a great referral. This could include training or guidelines on what to look for in potential candidates, aligning with the company’s values and the specific needs of each role.

Referral programs also speed up the hiring process since referred candidates often come pre-vetted and with a higher likelihood of being a good fit. This not only saves time but also enhances the overall quality of your talent pool.

Remember, employee referral programs aren’t just a recruitment tool; they’re also a way to engage and empower your current workforce, showing trust in their judgment and appreciation for their network.

How to get more candidates

Maximising Your Presence on Social Media

Social media platforms are indispensable tools for modern recruiters. They offer a unique space to not only advertise job openings but to truly engage with potential candidates and showcase your company culture. The key to effective social media recruitment is engagement and authenticity.

Start by identifying which platforms are most frequented by your target demographic. Once established, focus on creating content that resonates with your audience. This could range from behind-the-scenes glimpses of your office life to showcasing employee achievements and milestones. It’s about creating a narrative around your company that extends beyond the job ad.

Engaging content encourages interaction. Prompt discussions, respond to comments, and be a part of the larger conversation within your industry. This builds a community feel and positions your company as an active and engaging employer.

Don’t forget the power of targeted ads on these platforms. Social media allows you to target your job ads to specific demographics, making your recruitment efforts more focused and efficient.

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Developing an Engaging Career Page

Your career page is often the first point of contact between your company and potential applicants. It should be an engaging, informative, and inspiring space. The goal is to not only inform visitors about the available positions but to give them a sense of what it’s like to work at your company (read more about career sites best practices).

Start with the visuals. Use real images of your team and office environment instead of stock photos. This adds a layer of authenticity and helps potential candidates visualise themselves working with you.

Next, focus on content. Include employee testimonials, success stories, and real-life examples of career progression within your company. A ‘day in the life’ video can be a dynamic way to give candidates a sense of your working environment and company culture.

In addition to showcasing your company culture, make sure the practical aspects are covered. This includes a clear explanation of your application process, benefits overview, and an FAQ section to answer common queries.

Your career page should also be easily navigable and mobile-friendly. Many job seekers use their mobile devices for job searches, so optimising your page for mobile use is crucial.

Lastly, keep your career page updated. Regular updates signal that your company is active and growing, which can be attractive to potential candidates.

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Building a Strong Talent Pool

Creating a robust talent pool is an essential strategy for any proactive recruitment team. Instead of starting each recruitment drive from scratch, having a pre-existing pool of interested and qualified candidates can significantly speed up the process. This pool can include candidates who have previously applied, passive candidates who have expressed interest, and referrals that might not have been the right fit at the time but could be ideal for future openings.

The key to a successful talent pool is regular engagement. This can involve sending out newsletters, updates about the company, or even industry news and articles. The aim is to keep your company at the forefront of these candidates’ minds, so when an appropriate role opens up, they are more likely to be interested and engaged.

The Importance of Candidate Experience

The candidate experience during the recruitment process can have a long-lasting impact on your company’s reputation. A positive experience can enhance your employer brand and even lead to candidates reapplying in the future or referring others to your company. Conversely, a negative experience can quickly damage your reputation, especially in the age of social media and employer review sites.

Improving candidate experience involves clear communication, respectful interactions, and providing feedback, even to those who are not successful. This also includes the application process; making sure it’s streamlined, user-friendly, and respectful of the candidate’s time. Remember, every interaction a candidate has with your company reflects on your brand.

How to attract more applicants

Frequently Asked Questions about getting more candidates

How Can I Ensure My Job Ads Reach the Right Audience?

It’s not just about reaching an audience; it’s about reaching the right one. Using targeted advertising, SEO strategies, and leveraging social media platforms where your ideal candidates hang out, you can ensure your job ads don’t just float aimlessly in the digital sea but land right on the deck of the right candidates’ screens.

Are Employee Referral Programs Really That Effective?

In short, yes. They’re like having a network of scouts at your disposal. Employees know your company culture and can help identify candidates who would fit right in. Plus, people tend to trust recommendations from friends, so you’re not just another faceless employer in a sea of job ads.

How Important is the Candidate Experience During Recruitment?

The candidate experience is critical and can impact your employer brand significantly. It includes every touchpoint a candidate has with your company, from the job ad to the application process, interviews, and feedback. A positive experience can lead to candidates reapplying, referrals, and even brand advocacy. Conversely, a negative experience can be shared widely, especially on social media, harming your reputation.

Can Social Media Really Impact Recruitment?

Social media is a powerful tool in modern recruitment. It’s not just about posting job openings but also about building your brand and engaging with potential candidates. Utilise platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Instagram to showcase your company culture, celebrate achievements, and post about open roles. Social media allows you to reach passive candidates who might not be actively looking for a job but are open to opportunities.

Why Should I Bother with an Applicant Tracking System?

In the digital age, relying on spreadsheets and sticky notes is like using a typewriter to send an email. An Applicant Tracking System (like ours at Teamdash) streamlines the recruitment process, saves you time, and keeps you organised. It’s like having a personal assistant for your recruitment needs, minus the coffee runs.

Conclusion: The Art of Attracting More Candidates

In the end, attracting more candidates is less about casting a wider net and more about casting a smarter one. It’s a blend of art and science, creativity and strategy. Remember, it’s not just about filling a position; it’s about finding a person who will add value to your team and help propel your company forward.

At Teamdash, we believe that every hiring process should be as unique as the company it serves. With our customizable tools and insights, we’re here to help you not just meet but exceed your recruitment goals. Because, let’s be honest, in the world of recruitment, standing still is not an option.

So, implement these tips, give your recruitment strategy the makeover it deserves, and watch as your applicant pool transforms from a trickle to a flood. And if you need a little help along the way, well, you know where to find us.

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