How to avoid recruiter burnout? Effective time management for recruiters


This webinar will uncover the secrets to effective time management tailored specifically for recruiters.

Recruiting is a dynamic and demanding field, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential for long-term success. In this webinar, we will explore practical strategies and tools to help you optimise your time, reduce stress and boost your recruiter efficiency.

73% of respondents to a 2023 study report experiencing recruiting and hiring burnout, and of that group, 51% deal with signs of burnout regularly — with 22% saying they experience feelings of burnout nearly daily.

We want to help change that statistics by sharing practical tips:

✦ Insights into the unique challenges recruiters face in managing their time and energy

✦ Concepts of ‘burnout’ and ‘boreout’ and how they affect your work-life balance

✦ Proven time management techniques and best practices

✦ How to implement rituals like fika, utsuwa, ikigai, pyt and more

✦ Tips on how to decrease negative aspects at work and increase happiness in the recruitment field

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About the guests

Tiina Saar-Veelmaa

Co-founder of HappyMe

Psychologist, trainer, lecturer, therapist with a focus on workplace happiness.

Tiina has been researching and advocating workplace happiness since 2001 and has trained hundreds of employers, thousands of workers and job seekers on workplace happiness over two decades. Author of seven books.

Birgit Jürgenson

Self-Leadership and Career Coach

Birgit has worked in HR / Learning & Development in international organisations, including a hyper-growth startup that has become a unicorn (Wise). Since 2018, Birgit has coached over 150 people through individual and group coaching programs.

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Content Marketing Manager

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