Thank you for applying email: How to write it and templates

Thank you for applying email

When you’re responsible for business hiring, it’s vital to offer candidates a consistently positive candidate experience that supports the employer brand and helps them to feel informed, engaged and supported throughout the job application process.

One of the first stages in conveying this positive experience is to create and send a thank you for applying email to applicants who take the time to apply for a role within your firm.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the importance of the thank you for applying email and suggest some possible templates for creating your own, before looking at the value of bringing automation into the process.

Why thank you for applying emails are important

Thank you for applying emails are important for several key reasons:

Process benefits

Thank you for applying emails serve the functional purpose of letting a job applicant know that their application has been successfully received. This saves time and money for the business, especially when the thank you for applying email is automated.

Employer brand benefits

The thank you for applying email can be carefully written and presented to reinforce the employer brand, boost the candidate experience, and to clarify what will happen next in the process. Again, this helps to minimise inbound enquiries.

Passive screening

Thank you for applying emails can also be used as a passive screening tool for candidates. For example, you might want to add a few initial screening questions for candidates to complete – automatically weeding out those who choose not to engage further in the process.

How to write a thank you for applying email

Every business will have its own unique branded tone of voice and style of writing, and the thank you for applying email should reinforce this.

It can be helpful for the hiring team to work with the marketing and communications team to ensure their message is on-brand. Here is a rough outline that can be adjusted to suit your process and your company’s branded tone of voice.

Thank you for applying email templates

Of course, it’s not always the easiest task to come up with a ready thank you for applying email template, especially if you’re not a natural copywriter!

So here, we’ve done the hard work for you! See below for a thank you for applying email example that gives you a useful framework. You can edit and adjust it to suit your own needs and employer brand.

Thank You for Applying Email Example

Dear [applicant name}

Thank you for applying for [insert position name.] We appreciate your interest in the role and our company.

We’re now in the process of reviewing applications for the role and we’re planning to schedule interviews from [insert date]. If you are selected for an interview, our recruitment team will be in touch by [insert estimated date].

In the meantime, if you have any queries about our recruitment process or any other aspect of working at [your company name], please visit [insert employer careers’ site URL or equivalent.]

Sign off, [name and position]

Tips for structuring your thank you for applying email

However you choose to write your thank you for applying email, it’s important to ensure these elements are included in the finished result:

  1. A subject line – so the reader can see what the email is about before they open it.
  2. Easy formatting for readability – usually by using a simple and standard font such as Arial or Times New Roman and ensuring the font is no smaller than 10 points.
  3. Key components that include contact information and details of the hiring process, including key dates.

In terms of timings, it’s good to send this thank you for your application email within 24 hours of the application receipt. This helps to quickly build rapport, boost the candidate experience and ensure they remain engaged in the process.

How to easily automate sending thank you for applying emails

Today’s hiring processes need to be as streamlined, efficient and automated as possible to manage hiring team resources efficiently, minimise waste and errors and enhance hiring outcomes.

Luckily, it’s perfectly easy to automate thank you for applying emails by using talent acquisition software such as Teamdash.

These types of software are designed specifically to meet the needs of hiring and recruitment teams, and they are quick and easy to embed into the business’s existing processes.

The benefits of recruitment software

Recruitment software allows you to automate certain stages of the hiring process so that each candidate receives a consistent, positive and carefully timed flow of communications and updates through the job application process.

This can hugely improve the candidate experience and boost the employer brand, whilst saving time for the hiring team.

How? Because communication templates can be automatically scheduled into the system, with pre-defined content and fields, and delivered automatically at pre-defined points.

This ensures all candidates receive the same agreed information and reduces the number of inbound queries to the hiring team whilst they are focusing on securing the best-fit candidate for the role.

At the same time, the automation built into these software packages is paired with rich data, so that hiring managers can see exactly where the hiring process is at for every job they are trying to fill.

They can also drill into individual candidate records to check for specific details, and seamlessly manage every stage of the process, from job description posting to interview scheduling.

Find out more

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Our software is powerful, intuitive and cloud-based for immediate use. Why not contact us to discover the benefits for yourself? Book a demo now and start automating your hiring process.