RecruitLab rebrands as Teamdash

RecruitLab becomes Teamdash

The rebrand opens up new doors for Teamdash recruitment software

  • RecruitLab changes the name to Teamdash and reveals a crisp new brand
  • Teamdash brand opens up new opportunities
  • Teamdash’s visual identity matches the boldness and empowerment the product gives to its users

Behind the rebrand

Teamdash (formerly RecruitLab) was established in 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. With the pandemic’s effects on the labour market, the founders recognised that now, more than ever, there is a need for innovative, effective and affordable recruitment tools. Teamdash, recruitment software built and designed by recruiters for recruiters, was born.

Fast forward three years and Teamdash has become the market leader in recruitment software in the Baltic region under the leadership of founders Paavo Heil (CEO), Karl-Sander Erss (CTO), and Marie Evart (Community Manager). We have an international client base: sending our greetings to the UK, Germany, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and, of course, Estonia!

So why did we change the name and brand? Three years is a long time in a company that grows and develops so quickly – one startup year equals 5 years on Earth (don’t quote us on that, though). Over the years, our customers – recruiters, HR managers, and hiring managers – have enjoyed using the software and the different features and the experience it provides.

Now it was the right time to wrap it in packaging that matches the feeling you get when using the software.

Teamdash brings magic, empowerment and happiness to the everyday lives of recruiters.

Teamdash is reaching new markets with the new brand

But it’s not only about the looks and feelings. The need for a rebrand came into focus as a part of the company’s strategy to enter the UK market. The old brand was not doing the product justice and would have pigeonholed the company in the future. The new name and brand allow us to showcase our solutions and our future plans with pride and excitement.

By automating tedious tasks, providing recruitment data analytics dashboards, enhancing candidate experience, and providing user-friendly recruitment marketing tools, Teamdash saves recruiters time and helps them reach a wider pool of candidates without relying on design teams or developers.

“We have a case where just a two-person recruitment team managed to service a 5000+ employee company’s recruitment needs thanks to the increase in productivity and the effective use of all the product features within the software. Our customer success stories inspire us and keep us going,” says Teamdash CEO Paavo Heil.

Teamdash does not stop there. New features are added frequently to cater for the needs of recruiters, HR professionals and hiring managers – the latest additions include AI-powered resume parsing, DEI initiatives, Scorecards, and easy-to-understand recruitment analytics dashboards.

Teamdash recruitment software

The rebranding also solved an issue that was not the first priority when starting the company and building an awesome product that recruiters actually need.

As Liina Ilves, Head of Marketing at Teamdash, puts it: “The need to change the name and rebrand arose because there was a company with the same name operating in a similar field, which would have certainly caused confusion for our potential clients in the long term and reduced the utility of our investments made in brand awareness. In addition, as we plan to expand the product’s functionality beyond recruitment-related functions in the future, we wanted the new name to reflect this more clearly. Our new brand is fresh, playful, and hopefully will help us better realize our mission: to make recruiters happy.”

Meet Teamdash

Before we delve into the different sides of the completely reinvented Teamdash brand and visual identity, remember that you are the reason for this rebrand!

Do not worry – we have kept the excellence of the software and updated it to match the ease of use and user experience it provides with the new brand elements. Our clients can continue working on hiring top talent without any disruptions.

You can help with the transition to the new brand, too – if you notice anything out of place, let us know!

The new brand was developed in cooperation with NOPE Creative agency.

Now, let’s find out more about Teamdash.

Teamdash interview scheduler

The name

Teamdash is the result of our team’s brainstorming session, perfectly describing the company and its goals for the future:

  • ‘Team’ in the name describes the purpose of the HR function – to put together the best-performing, well-working, diverse teams.
  • ‘Dash’ implies how you can do it quickly and efficiently. It also points out one of the software’s strengths – dashboards, where data is analysed and visualised for convenient use for making data-driven decisions.

The Logo

The Teamdash logo conveys the message behind the new brand name. Teamdash introduces a conceptually minimal logo with a neutral sans-serif font which is distinctive yet indicative of a tech company. The name is printed in an italic typeface, and the slanted dynamic suggests movement, implying progress and speed – dashing. Just as our clients are dashing through the hiring processes, securing top talent.

The vision

A world where recruiters can independently create incredible and fulfilling hiring experiences – for themselves and candidates.

Recruiters should not feel burned out trying to juggle all the tasks and stakeholders. They should be able to use tools to make the hiring process enjoyable for both sides.

The mission

To empower recruiters with the tools they need to be independent, successful, and happy. They already know what to do, and we can help with the how.

The software is built and designed putting the recruiter’s needs first. Recruiters love their jobs and the chance to change people’s lives. It sure is a magical profession!

The colour palette

Teamdash stands out with a clear, crisp, yet vibrant look. Right when you arrive at the website, you are welcomed with joyful and vibrant colours that compliment the boldness of the branding with warmth and softness.

The website is fun, as are the colours in the palette: Misty Violet, Soft Yellow, Bubblegum Pink and Haze Green.


It’s never just about the looks. The font stands out and clearly conveys messages across different mediums. Letters are designed to be expressive, confident, friendly, and readable in various mediums we publish content for recruiters and HR professionals.

In addition to the website, blog and software itself, the new font is used in the popular webinar series and all marketing materials, including social media creatives, exhibition/event designs and ebooks.

Tone of voice

We are a team of recruiters that want to make other recruiters happy. And our vision is to spread more joy by empowering recruiters to exceed their vision of a great career.

The keywords for the tone of voice are: warm, visionary and excited.

The tone of voice was created by brand messaging expert Sarah Hamid.

Teamdash recruitment performance tab

About Teamdash

Teamdash (formerly RecruitLab) is founded by recruiters for recruiters – its fully GDPR-compliant applicant tracking, recruitment marketing and video interviewing platform optimises candidate management and automates the recruitment process for HR professionals.

The intuitive easy-to-use platform saves on average 70% of time spent on hiring projects by automating small arduous tasks, and companies get their return on investment within the first month.

Teamdash’s recruitment software is used by over 2000 recruiters in the Baltics, the UK, Germany and Finland. The clients include household names like KPMG, DPD, Lindström Group, Tallinn Airport, Tele2, Eesti Energia, and SMEs from various sectors.

Teamdash is currently active in 6 countries and has raised €2 million to date. RecruitLab’s investors include the largest pan-Baltic seed fund Change Ventures, Superangel, StartupIstanbul, and the, an early-stage angel syndicate led by founders and operators of companies like Bolt, Vimeo, Shopify, Printify, Pipedrive, Deel and Bird, amongst others.

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