✨ April exclusive: Teamdash live demos available on-demand


Have you wanted to see Teamdash in action but haven’t had the chance to schedule a demo yet?

For the first time in Teamdash history, we hosted live product demos in three languages.

Missed the live sessions? 

Don’t worry. You can catch up by registering to watch them on-demand.

The demos are available in English, Estonian and Lithuanian.

During the demo, Teamdash Recruitment Workflow Consultants will show various automation and AI-powered functions that help Teamdash users save tens of hours each month. They will introduce ways to make the recruitment experience positive and memorable for you, the hiring managers and the candidates:

✅ Create attractive job ads, career pages, and social media campaigns easily by yourself.

✅ Add your ad to all the important job boards with just a few clicks.

✅ Cut response time with automated messaging and integrations that ensure nobody falls through the cracks. Give feedback to all candidates.

✅ Versatile video call tools for efficient use of time – interview candidates in real-time or use asynchronous interviews.

✅ Get a comprehensive overview of all ongoing and past recruitment projects.

✅ Overview of recruitment stages, current status, and channel efficiency.

✅ Get a comprehensive overview of the performance of the main recruitment channels.

✅ Access all your candidate and talent data in one happy, GDPR-friendly place.

and much more!

Pick a language and join us for a product tour recording!


Merilyn Uudmae


Content Marketing Manager

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