How to Schedule Interviews 5x Faster & Other Automation Hacks for Recruiters


Hey, Recruiters and TA Managers! 👋

The interview process takes approximately 2/3 of the hiring time. According to 67% of recruiters taking part in a recent survey, scheduling an interview with a potential candidate takes between 30 minutes and two hours.

😱 Moreover, over 50% of companies have a dedicated person responsible for managing interview schedules.

✦ Are you finding yourself spending more time scheduling interviews than actually conducting them?

Would you love automation and AI to complete the tedious tasks for you so you can focus on hiring the best people?

Do you feel burned out juggling all the tasks on the table and not meeting the candidates’ and your own expectations?

Do you feel like you don’t have the time for interview training and giving feedback to candidates and hiring managers?

Then, this live Teamdash workshop is just for you!

Join us live on Thursday, 11th of July, at 11 AM GMT (1 PM EEST).

Save your seat

During the workshop, Teamdash UK Country Manager Steve Smith will show the Teamdash interview scheduler and various automation and AI-powered functions that help Teamdash users save tens of hours of valuable recruiter time each month.



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