How to effectively manage a high volume of job applicants and resumes


This free webinar will help you learn how to manage a high volume of applications efficiently and select the best candidates. Speed up your workflow while providing a great candidate experience to all applicants. Teamdash users have managed to speed up their candidate management 3x in high-volume roles!

Your host, Carina Mättikas, will take two real-life high-volume recruitment cases into pieces, highlighting key strategies and potential pitfalls.

We will share email templates and tips on creating your own to keep candidates engaged ​throughout the process.

Whether you’re an in-house recruiter, a hiring manager or a business owner, this webinar is designed to give you practical tips for successful talent management.

Get answers to questions like:

✦ How to use automation and AI tools to streamline your selection process?

✦ How to set up triggers and use templates?

✦ How to give feedback and updates to all candidates and stop ghosting?

✦ How to maintain a healthy (AND GDPR compliant) talent pool?

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About the guests

Antero Kevin Leedu

Marketing & Communications Manager at kood/Jõhvi

kood/Jõhvi is a groundbreaking coding and re-skilling school in Estonia, with an intense 18-month program that prepares students for the real-world working environment. This year, they received more than 3600 applications, and 215 students will start their studies. Antero will share tips on making the application process attractive and engaging and selecting the best candidates from thousands of applications.

Kayleigh Little

Recruitment Expert, currently a Recruiter for Butternot Box

With a decade of experience in recruitment, both in-house and as an agency recruiter, Kayleigh knows the ins and outs of the field. She has experience with various automation possibilities and recruitment channels that can help make the recruitment process swift for the candidate and the recruiter. Kayleigh will share actionable insights and examples at the webinar.

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Content Marketing Manager

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