Summer reading list: 7 key articles for recruiters


Recognize the feeling of overwhelming duties, meetings, and all-too-short working hours? Luckily, the summer offers a moment to take a break and let our batteries recharge again. But to conquer the upcoming rush hours as a master recruiter, we’ve gathered a summer reading list containing the top 7 articles from our blog. Be inspired and get insight into how top recruiters and HR leaders manage their work for greater results.

We hope you have a great summer!

1. Copywriting for job adverts

One of the main reasons so many job adverts fail to attract the right candidates is that they are written like job descriptions. You’ll find a list of tips on how to write a job advert that will make perfect candidates hit the “apply now” button.

2. Veriff shares its journey to an effective recruitment process

Veriff is one of the fastest-growing start-ups in Estonia. Kaarel Kotkas, the founder of Veriff, has stated that the competition for open positions at Veriff is tougher than getting into Harvard or Stanford. To gain an insight into the recruitment process, where the numbers can reach 370 applicants per vacancy, we had recruiter Elisabeth Seepa from Veriff take us through it.

3. Ebook: How to choose the best questions for job interviews

Helped by recruitment experts from EY, Pipedrive, Scoro, Veriff, Testlio, Nortal, Accolade, Modularbank, Viveo Health, Pipedrive, Brandem, and Nico, we have put together an ebook to help you have more meaningful conversations with your candidates.

4. Five video interviewing tools you need in 2021

There has been a substantial shift from traditional to virtual recruiting, making integrating videos to recruiting essential, or one might even say critical. However, this also means that recruiters and hiring managers are increasingly dependable on the tools they use.

5. Ebook: How to find the best recruitment software

Recruiters rarely have extra time to read about recruitment software solutions or attend endless demos. But, somehow, they have to decide which ATS or recruitment solutions to use. So, helped by recruiters and talent acquisition specialists worldwide, we put together an ebook with the most insightful questions.  With the help of this ebook, you will save time and make an intelligent decision.

6. Why should asynchronous video interviews be part of your recruitment process?

One of the main reasons asynchronous videos are becoming more popular is their time-saving benefit. Second, using asynchronous videos is as easy as emailing. Third, recruiters point out that asynchronous video interviews make engaging hiring managers easier. This has made managers realise that screening and evaluating candidates can be easy, thrilling, and not too time-consuming.

7. Five steps for designing brilliant job adverts

We will guide you through 5 steps to help you design a job advert or a recruitment landing page you could be proud of, and which will attract suitable candidates.

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