What candidates expect from employers and how to attract talent with flexibility?

Molly Johnson-Jones​

Several pieces of research show that remote and hybrid jobs attract more candidates than in-person roles. Flexibility is the new norm. But can we use this knowledge about the new reality in talent attraction? Register to listen live or on demand. You’ll get the best insights into what candidates expect from employers in the UK and other countries.

Meet the speakers

Molly Johnson-Jones​

Molly Johnson-Jones

Molly Johnson-Jones is the CEO and co-founder of Flexa Careers, a job platform aimed at employers offering flexible working. It’s Molly’s mission to bring flexible working to everyone. An increasing number of employers are shifting to more flexible ways of working, and Flexa Careers is there to help companies communicate that to job seekers. Molly will share the best practices in workplace flexibility and fresh quantitative and qualitative data from candidates.

Marie Evart

Marie Evart is the Community Manager and Co-Founder of Teamdash (formerly RecruitLab), a recruitment marketing software with excellent ATS features. It’s Marie’s mission to help recruiters succeed in the new era of recruitment. Marie has helped hundreds of employers to develop their unique employer brand and recruitment tactics. The experience of working with different employers has given her extensive knowledge of the recruitment market.

What we’ll focus on:

  • What do candidates expect from employers in terms of flexibility?
  • How different are the expectations of Generation Z?
  • Best practices for offering flexibility in different sectors
  • How to integrate flexibility into recruitment marketing and messages
  • How to create job ads that present the company’s culture and compel people to apply.

Why join?

  • Overview of the recent trends in flexible working
  • New data about flexibility from Flexa Careers
  • Recruitment marketing tips & tricks from Teamdash
  • Ideas on how to adapt your recruitment process to attract talent

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