Sewage System Construction Worker Job Description

Sewage System Construction Worker Job Description

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Are you looking to make a real-world impact with your skills? Our team is on a hunt for a dedicated Sewage System Construction Worker who takes pride in contributing to environmental sustainability through expert construction work. Step into a role that keeps our community healthy and our waters clean. Join us in laying the groundwork for a better tomorrow!

What We Offer

  • Competitive Salary & Benefits Package: Including health, dental, and vision insurance, plus a retirement savings plan.
  • Skills Development: Opportunities to grow through on-the-job training and professional development courses.
  • A Team That Cares: Work in a supportive environment where safety and camaraderie are paramount.
  • Making a Difference: Every day, your work will have a crucial role in maintaining public health and protecting the environment.

Key Responsibilities

  • Installation and maintenance of sewer pipes ensuring proper angle and watertight connections.
  • Dig trenches and construct sewage infrastructure components like manholes.
  • Inspect sites and materials for compliance and safety.
  • Transport, lay, and secure pipes and construction materials.
  • Follow stringent health and safety procedures on construction sites.
  • Utilize measurement instruments and operate within time-critical situations.


  • Proven ability to work ergonomically and level earth surfaces.
  • Experience with pipe bedding, trench digging, and securing work areas.
  • Skilled in the transportation and assembly of manufactured pipeline parts.
  • Proficient in using safety and construction equipment.
  • Knowledge of mechanical systems, excavation techniques, and mechanics.


  • Expertise in operating heavy construction machinery and GPS systems.
  • Ability to interpret 3D/2D plans and maintain heavy equipment.
  • Familiarity with types of bedding materials, machinery load capacity, and electricity.

Join Our Team!

Dive into an opportunity that leverages your skill set while providing a service integral to community well-being. If you’re ready to contribute to essential infrastructure projects and grow with us, apply today and help us lay the foundation for a more sustainable future!

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