Zoom integration

Make interview scheduling and candidate engagement easy by integrating Teamdash with Zoom.

Interviewing with Zoom

Many recruiters choose Zoom for its video conferencing capabilities, allowing them to conduct remote interviews, panel discussions, or virtual job fairs to engage with candidates. Zoom’s screen-sharing feature enables recruiters to showcase presentations, portfolios, or job descriptions to candidates in real time. Recruiters can also record interviews for future reference and collaborate with team members to make informed hiring decisions — all while integrating with recruitment software like Teamdash.

What you can do with Zoom and Teamdash

Always find the right time and keep candidates engaged with Teamdash and Zoom.

  • You can connect your Zoom account with RecruitLab to schedule video interviews.
  • Once the candidate has selected a suitable time slot, a Zoom link will be automatically sent to all desired participants. You can streamline the hiring process by adjusting the hiring stages according to your recruitment needs.
  •  You can find RecruitLab from Zoom’s marketplace.