Microsoft Teams integration

Make collaboration and sharing candidate data easy by integrating Teamdash’s recruitment software with MS Teams.

Collaborating on Teams

Many recruiters use Microsoft Teams to communicate with and align stakeholders during hiring, whether through dedicated channels or groups. Through real-time chat and messaging, recruiters can have quick conversations and address questions promptly to keep the hiring process moving. You can also integrate MS Teams with recruitment software like Teamdash to support file sharing, meeting scheduling, and recording across both platforms.

What you can do with MS Teams and Teamdash

Get everyone on the same page and speed up the hiring process with Teamdash and MS Teams. Teamdash is also an official member of the Microsoft Partner Network Program.

  • You can connect your Teamdash account with your MS Teams account. This integration enables you to schedule MS Teams calls via Teamdash ATS
  • This integration is user-based??