Microsoft Outlook integration

Make communicating with candidates and stakeholders in the hiring process easy by integrating Teamdash with MS Outlook.

Communicating with Outlook

Many recruiters use Outlook to schedule interviews, send calendar invites, and share necessary documents with candidates and hiring managers. Outlook’s email capabilities enable recruiters to communicate job offers, provide updates, and address candidate inquiries while tracking engagement. And you can integrate Outlook with Teamdash’s recruitment software to amp up these features and make hiring more efficient.

What you can do with MS Outlook and Teamdash

Get everyone on the same page and hire faster with Teamdash and MS Outlook. Teamdash is also an official member of the Microsoft Partner Network Program.

  • Easily drag and drop candidate resumes to Teamdash ATS. No need to spend time manually entering candidate information into the ATS.
  • When you have added the Microsoft Outlook integration, it enables you to track when the email was sent out, received, and opened. When you use links, you can track whether the candidate has clicked on them.
  • You can synchronise your Outlook mailbox with your Teamdash account. If you have synchronised the inboxes, you can also see the incoming email messages on Teamdash’s platform.