How Tele2 uses automation and recruitment marketing tools built into Teamdash

Learn how Tele2 uses Teamdash automation and recruitment marketing tools to get a strategic overview of their recruitment process.
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Name: Tele2

Industry: Telecommunications

Number of employees: 350+

Number of recruiters: 3

✦ Using Teamdash since 2022 ✦

Teamdash is happy to present you with a new case study with Tele2. We talked with Kerli Möldre, Rebeka Dronia and Heily Voodla from their recruitment team, who kindly agreed to share their experience and efficiency victories with us. Thank you for using Teamdash and helping us build a better product!

Fun fact: Tele2 is one of Teamdash’s clients using its own custom font on the landing page and has enriched its career page and job adverts with real-life photos of the employees and quotes from managers and future colleagues. They use a variety of visuals – photos and videos and have their own hashtag on social media, #põhjusegamässaja (Estonian for “A rebel with a cause”). Their employer brand is one of the most recognisable in Estonia.

So let’s see how else and why Tele2 is using Teamdash!

How long have you been using Teamdash?

We created our first Tele2 project in September 2022. We made a switch from our previous provider then. We planned on switching from the previous software for a long time, but we all know how busy recruiters are! We have tasks and goals which are our priorities, and usually, software selection is not at the top of that list. We got the final push when we had a chance to run the free trial. We saw that we could automate so many routine tasks and save time and nerves.

Who are the main users of Teamdash at Tele2?

All three recruiters in the team use Teamdash daily, plus hiring managers and team leads are added to projects when needed. Our recruiters are responsible for the entire process – starting from creating the process and job ad to finalising the hire. We hire for all roles across the company.

What are your recruitment needs?

We have different types of needs and roles open. Some positions are continuous projects which we might keep open for six months straight. We have ongoing projects which we have kept open since we started using Teamdash (then RecruitLab, in September 2022).

How many candidates do you have per open position?

It is difficult to bring out a specific number. We have ongoing projects like roles in the call centre that are open in multiple locations that receive applications daily. On the other hand, we have roles that are more niche or needs-based that we do headhunting for. There is also seasonality in our recruitment process – summer is a low season, and candidates are more active in September.

Why did you decide to select Teamdash?

There are a few reasons for that, mainly because of the balance it offers between automation and recruitment marketing tools within the software. We can automate many tedious or routine tasks, enabling us to save time we can spend on improving the process and providing more information to the candidate. Ultimately this allows us to get a better recruiter experience and provide a great candidate experience as well.


On the other hand, Teamdash’s landing page creator tool enables us to create very thorough landing pages without involving the IT or marketing departments. We can create these landing pages with all the relevant information. This reduces the workload as we don’t have to give additional information via email or phone calls. It is all available on a single page.

How has Teamdash helped improve candidate experience?

We have recently tested out the automated interview scheduler, and we ask the candidate about their experience at the beginning of the interviews. They have responded that the process is straightforward, easy and fast. So they don’t have any confusion or questions about what to do. Making the process and user interface as simple as possible for the candidate greatly helps.

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Tele2 has over 350 employees who serve 478 000 happy customers. They are Estonia’s most recommended mobile operator (2021, 2022 and 2023).

What are the main benefits of Teamdash for you?

We see great value in asynchronous interviews – we can automatically send the invites to candidates from Teamdash and see the recorded videos all in the same place. Previously we had to collect YouTube and Dropbox links. Now, the candidate can record their response on the platform. Additionally, we can now set up automatic triggers and keep the candidate informed that we have received their response and that they have been moved to the next stage. We used to do it manually and use multiple systems to do it. This automation gives us more time for meaningful conversations and personal feedback.

Do you involve hiring managers in the recruitment process?

It is a great benefit that everything is in one place – also, our hiring managers can simply log in and see all the necessary information to make the best decision. They have access to the candidate profiles as limited users. Teamdash allows them to access video responses and other data they might need besides the CVs. Even though they do not use it daily, they understand how to use it without explaining what to do. I can also feel confident that everything is GDPR compliant as we don’t download the CVs or store them on our computers.

What would be your suggestions to new Teamdash users?

Teamdash has a lot of different opportunities and features. It can actually seem a little intimidating or overwhelming at first. But I think that is a rather good problem to have. First, you can cover all your recruitment needs, optimise your current process with automation and recruitment marketing tools, and then build on that with new features. It takes time to learn all the features. Luckily, Teamdash customer support is very helpful and responds quickly when something gets a bit confusing.

It also depends on the organisation’s size and structure – how easy it is to implement or start using all the different features. We are a company operating in a regulated sector, so we must ensure everything is done according to our internal procedures and confirm with legal.

How did the onboarding period go?

As the software was new to us, we were afraid to make mistakes when we first started using it. And as we didn’t involve hiring managers as much with our previous ATS, we feared that allowing them “inside” would mess something up. It took a few projects to feel completely comfortable with the software. Our Customer Success Manager walked us through the different features, so we learned how to use them together. And we also had the chance to ask each other questions and learn from each other.

What features would you like to start using next in your recruitment process?

We see a lot of potential in AI functionalities. It will likely help us save even more time that we can spend on higher-value activities. There are also some functionalities that we haven’t fully discovered yet. For example, we haven’t started using the Recruitment Performance tab, so tracking recruitment metrics might also be something that we could use Teamdash for.

What would you bring out in addition to the features?

Since starting using Teamdash, we have found additional value in some aspects we might not have considered before. For example, we now have an overview of the entire recruitment process. This allows us to think through the entire recruitment process and plan ahead. This has allowed us to be more strategic and confident in the result. Overall, it allows us to plan the recruitment function better.
We also appreciate that we can give feedback about the software and that it reaches the right person.

So we feel like we have a partner in Teamdash and that there is constant cooperation, we don’t feel like we are alone in this.

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