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Meet your hiring goals, offer great candidate experiences and lower your cost per hire. The ideal solution when hiring for a diverse range of skills and high volume roles.
Recruitment software

Teams hired with Teamdash

Bring a whole new level of efficiency to retail recruitment.

Everything you need for high volume hiring.

Full suite of tools for recruitment marketing, screening and managing a large number of candidates efficiently. 

  • One-click job posting to various job boards and social media
  • Job adverts and landing page templates that are memorable, on-brand, and attract great talent on their own.
  • Bulk actions and automations that allow managing a large number of applicants
  • Custom application forms to give you control over your screening process
Job ad landing pages

Create memorable candidate experiences and reduce churn.

Automate with a human touch and keep your candidates and hiring managers in the loop.

  • Interview anytime, anywhere using async and live video interviewing tools.
  • Never miss a touchpoint with a candidate – automate sending texts, email and calendar invites at any stage of the recruitment process.
  • Run multiple projects and track thousands of applicants seamlessly.
  • Send reminders and feedback to both candidates and hiring managers.
Live video interview software

Tackle seasonal recruitment.

Never feel like you’re starting from zero during peak hiring periods. 

  • Build and maintain your talent pool.
  • Send bulk messages and nurture your talent pool.
  • Search through CVs and candidate cards to find just the profiles you need.
  • Scale your recruitment during peak periods.

Work efficiently with your team and protect candidate data.

Hiring data is not always meant to be seen by everyone.

  • Define user access to dashboards and projects on a need-to-know basis. You can also set up confidential projects.
  • Track cNPS, time to hire, and average number of projects and candidates to see how you or your team performs.
  • Teamdash is GDPR-friendly and anonymises talent pool data that passes the consent period for total compliance.
  • Teamdash offers tools to help guarantee and renew GDPR compliance.
GDPR compliant recruitment software

Make better hiring decisions and optimise your cost per hire.

Teamdash keeps track of all your projects to give you a comprehensive set of recruitment and candidate metrics.

  • Track cNPS, time to hire, and average number of projects and candidates to see how you or your team performs.
  • Monitor candidate sources to see which channels are most effective.
  • Optimise your hiring process with the data you need to spot bottlenecks.
  • Set up your own custom metrics and create customisable filters to easily access insights.
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Our customers see results

12 12 h
Saved on average project
80 80 %
Faster interview scheduling
22 22 %
Cut your costs

Save 70% of time with the right retail applicant tracking system.

Break through the noise with Teamdash's ATS software.

Schedule interviews

Offer candidates the flexibility of video hiring — live or asynchronous. Make your application process as smooth as possible.

Create job adverts

You don’t need to master multiple jobs to impress candidates. Build enchanting landing pages and job adverts with ease.

Post to job boards

Connect Teamdash with social media platforms and job boards to share job adverts with the world in a few clicks.

Track candidate experience

Easily request feedback from candidates from Teamdash and watch your cNPS improve in real time.

Measure efficiency

Easily identify bottlenecks and track progress of all your hiring projects to maximise efficiency.

Automate actions

Feeling stretched thin? Automate emails and SMS notifications to easily keep all your candidates engaged.

Unbelievably easy to use.

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