Are your candidates telling horror stories about your hiring process?


Insights from Paul Church, Laura Holcombe and Marie Evart

Laura Holcombe

Senior Talent Partner @ Faculty

Paul Church

Founder @ The Animo Group (Recruitment Agency)

Marie Evart

Community Manager @ Teamdash (formerly RecruitLab).

It’s apparent that each step of the hiring process impacts candidate experience as a vital aspect of the overall recruitment process. Although candidate experience has been a hot topic for years, we are still losing candidates because of the lack of communication or the unpleasant and long hiring process. Watch the webinar recording on YouTube for practical tips to ensure a positive candidate experience. Laura Holcombe, Paul Church and Marie Evart will share their knowledge to create a caring approach for the candidates, keep them engaged, and improve cNPS.

Topics covered:

  • What is recruiter experience, and how does it impact candidate experience
  • What are the 5 essential communication hacks in the recruitment process
  • How to ask for feedback from your candidates and improve cNPS
  • How to give constructive feedback to your candidates
  • How to avoid ghosting in the recruitment process
  • How candidate experience impacts your brand

Watch the recording

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Watch the recording

Don’t have the time to watch? Here’s a recap.

Candidate experience has been a hot topic in recruitment for years. However, plenty of companies out there don’t prioritise it and, therefore, miss an opportunity and great candidates in the process. Seems like it’s even worse on the agency side – other aspects are in focus, leaving candidate experience completely in the background.
Whether you work as an in-house recruiter or as an agency recruiter, this makes the recruitment process one-sided…which we all know is not the case.

Providing a great candidate experience is achievable when you get the basics right!

We asked Laura and Paul what the biggest mistakes in recruitment are. Luckily, these are all easy to avoid:

  • Making candidates go through a long recruitment process with too many stages and 4-hour interviews. Design the process and interviews to be engaging. Don’t waste the candidates’ time and your own time!
  • Giving candidates tasks and homework, which take up hours of their time, without them getting anything in return. Making them feel that they are already doing the work for free. Yikes!
  • Misalignment of the salaries throughout the process stages. Talking about one range in the first stages and then making a low-ball offer in the final stage? Sounds like a definite ‘no’ and bad review on Glassdoor.
  • Just overall bad communication and not keeping the candidate informed. This also includes not involving hiring managers in the process and not getting any feedback from them.

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