Google Calendar and Meet integration

Simplify your recruitment process and accelerate your hiring with the seamless integration of Teamdash and Google Calendar.

Seamless Scheduling with Google Calendar

Efficient scheduling is a cornerstone of successful recruitment. Google Calendar is widely used for managing appointments, scheduling interviews, and planning events. By integrating Google Calendar with Teamdash’s recruitment software, you streamline the hiring process, ensuring that both recruiters and candidates are always in sync.

Core Capabilities of Teamdash with Google Calendar Integration:

  • Visibility of Hiring Manager’s Calendar: Directly view your hiring manager’s availability when proposing interview slots to candidates. This feature allows recruiters to schedule interviews without the need to switch between applications, ensuring a smoother coordination
  • Automated Scheduling: Leverage the power of automated scheduling to eliminate the possibility of double-booking or conflicts. This system intuitively syncs with the availability of all parties involved, ensuring that scheduling interviews is hassle-free and efficient
  • Automatic Two-Way Sync: Experience a seamless integration with an automatic two-way sync between Teamdash and Google Calendar. Any changes made in Teamdash are instantly updated in Google Calendar and vice versa, maintaining consistency and accuracy across both platforms
  • Google Meets Integration: Use Google Meets as video call provider for interviews scheduled through Teamdash and Google.