What is an Applicant Tracking System: A complete guide


In the present day’s fast-paced, competitive business world, making your recruitment process efficient and effective is more important than ever.

One tool that can revolutionise how you recruit is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). 98.9% of Fortune 500 companies use an ATS. The adoption rate among large companies is high, over 80% of large companies use an ATS and 35% of the small companies also use an ATS.

These numbers have been steadily growing and this article will explain why.

What is applicant tracking?

Applicant tracking refers to the systematic process of managing, sorting, and organising job applications received by an organisation. This process can be arduous and time-consuming when done manually – one of the main reasons why the ATS adoption rate is especially high among large organisations that receive hundreds and even thousands of applications. Thankfully, this is where an ATS comes in handy.

Applicant tracking is also important for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) that need to hire regularly or need to find candidates with specific skillsets. It saves time spent on tedious tasks and enables focusing on improving the recruitment strategy.

What does an applicant tracking system do?

An ATS automates and streamlines the entire recruitment process.

Many ATS options are available at different price levels and with different capabilities and functions. An ATS does everything from job postings and receiving applications to screening candidates and scheduling interviews. It saves valuable time and ensures that no potential talent slips through the cracks.

ATS features include:

  • Automated tasks
  • Candidate management
  • Candidate database
  • Collaborative hiring
  • Job board posting
  • Interview scheduling
  • Asynchronous interviews
  • Resume parsing
  • Job ad creation tool
  • Landing page/career page creation tool
  • Customisable pipelines
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Candidate tagging
  • Candidate scorecards
  • Candidate import and export
  • Integrations with other tools
  • Compliance (e.g. GDPR)
  • Social media recruiting tool
  • Customer support
  • User-friendly interface

How does an ATS work?

ATS works by creating a centralised database where all applications are stored. It then parses the resumes and job applications, assessing them against specified criteria like keywords, skills, former employers, years of experience, and schools attended. This automated process ensures that only the most suitable candidates are shortlisted for further consideration.Recruiters can build their own recruitment pipeline and customise it per project to suit their needs.

Why you should use an Applicant Tracking Software

ATS is an essential tool for HR professionals and recruiters. It not only simplifies and speeds up the hiring process but also reduces the likelihood of human error, ensuring fairness and objectivity.

Moreover, with an ATS, companies can save on costs associated with manual processing and storage of applications.

The main benefits of using an ATS include:

  • Time and cost savings
  • Improved candidate experience
  • Improved quality of hire
  • Secure data storage

Key features of an Applicant Tracking System

The effectiveness of an ATS depends on its features. Here are a few key ones:

Automation of recruitment tasks

ATS automates various recruitment tasks, such as creating attractive attractive job ads, posting jobs on multiple platforms, sorting and ranking candidates based on predefined criteria, scheduling interviews, and sending automated responses to applicants.

Centralised database

ATS creates a centralised database that stores all the information related to candidates, making it easy to access, manage, and review the data whenever needed. Have your entire talent pool available – find and sort the candidates efficiently without having to worry about missing anything.

Seamless integration

The best ATS integrates seamlessly with other HR software or tools, such as HRMS, payroll systems and job boards to create a comprehensive human resources management ecosystem.

Benefits and advantages of Applicant Tracking Systems

By automating and streamlining the recruitment process, an ATS offers numerous benefits.

These include time savings, reduced costs, improved candidate experience, and data-driven decision-making. It also ensures compliance with employment laws, making it a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. With an ATS which is GDPR compliant, you can focus on hiring top talent, instead of worrying about the laws and regulations.

How much does an applicant tracking system cost?

The cost of an ATS varies based on factors like the size of your organisation, the features you need, and the vendor you choose.

Generally, costs range from free for basic, limited versions to several thousands of Pounds or Euros per year for more comprehensive, customisable systems. ATS systems which are meant for enterprises only often have expensive features included which an SME does not need. It is important to understand which features are must-haves, and which are nice-to-haves.

How to choose an ATS

When choosing an ATS, consider factors such as your organisation’s size, your specific recruitment needs, your budget, and the system’s ease of use. A good ATS should be able to scale as your business grows. It should also offer good customer support and have positive reviews from other users.

You can check out reviews sites like Capterra to get references about the ATS. A simple Google search gives you plenty of information to create your own shortlist of options.

What is the best Applicant Tracking System

Teamdash stands out as the most complete and customisable system among many ATS in the market. It offers a wide array of features and functionalities designed to meet the specific needs of any organisation, irrespective of its size. With Teamdash, you can automate your recruitment process, ensuring that you never miss out on top talent. It is an investment that guarantees a significant return by transforming your recruitment process into a seamless, efficient, and effective system.

Teamdash: A leader in ATS solutions

Teamdash excels in offering a robust and versatile platform that enables recruiters to manage the entire hiring process from start to finish. Its innovative features, such as an easy-to-use video interviewing platform, intuitive dashboard, and insightful reporting tools, provide a competitive edge by allowing you to make data-driven decisions. Our customers value our responsive and helpful customer support who make sure your user experience is smooth.

Unmatched customisation

What sets Teamdash apart is its unmatched customisation. You can tailor its features to align perfectly with your recruitment process. Whether you’re a small company looking for basic automation or a large corporation seeking extensive capabilities, Teamdash can be customised to fit your unique needs. You can easily set up your recruitment pipeline with custom stages to fit your needs.

Streamlined integration

Teamdash can seamlessly integrate with various other HR tools or platforms you may be using, creating a unified, efficient system. It provides an all-in-one solution, ensuring you have all the necessary tools at your disposal to attract, assess, and onboard the best talent.

Investing in the best: Teamdash ATS

Ultimately, choosing an ATS comes down to your organisation’s unique needs, budget, and future growth plans. With its comprehensive features, scalability, and high levels of customisation, Teamdash presents itself as an intelligent investment in your recruitment process.

Streamlining your hiring process, enhancing candidate experience, and providing valuable insights empower you to build a strong, dynamic team that can propel your organisation to new heights.


In conclusion, an Applicant Tracking System like Teamdash is a game-changer in the recruitment landscape. It not only makes the hiring process more manageable but also helps you stay competitive by ensuring you attract and retain the best talent. Embrace the power of Teamdash and transform your hiring process into a strategic, data-driven approach that delivers results.

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